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Clients hunting our areas enjoy top success rates on all main species they intend taking which is a record not many can boast. Mozambique is ideal for the client who has hunted everywhere else in Africa and is looking for a unique hunting experience. It is a place that only clients who enjoy the thrill of the hunt will enjoy. At times you may get lucky, but generally you will be required to do a bit of tracking to secure your trophy. All of our areas are FREE RANGE. No high fence and no animals have been imported into the area. It is as natural and wild as one can expect to find in Africa today.

Mashambanzou Safaris operates 4 different camps each able to accommodate between 4-6 clients at a time. All camps are within a 2-4 hour drive of each other. Each site has permanent thatched chalets with bathroom and toilet ensuite, and hot and cold running water 24/7. All camps have their own generators and all necessities required to make for a comfortable stay.

Muanza which is our base main camp is roughly 3 hours from Beira and on the Eastern Boundary of Gorongosa National Park. This camp provides the majority of Buffalo, cats and plains game all in good hunt able numbers with some spectacular trophies being taken every year.

Mupa our second camp is a small 20000 Hectare concession near the Zambezi Delta which provides additional cat hunting, limited buffalo and fantastic plains game hunting for the whole array of species available in central Mozambique. Huge herds of wild sable abound in this area.

Our third camp Catapu is 2 hours north of Mupa and 3 hours north of Muanza camp and is 22 000 hectares in size. Originally established as a hard wood logging concession this particular area has been intensively anti-poached for over 20 years and never been hunted until 2012 and the quantities of game bear testament to the hard work put in. This area is quite possibly the best area in the world for Livingstone Suni, Natal Red duiker, free range nyala amongst other plains game as well as monster leopard.

Our fourth camp is Sena which is based on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River. This camp is solely for the hunting of hippo, crocodile and excellent quality elephant as well as sport fishing for the world famous tiger fish. Located 2 hours north west of Catapu and 4 hours from Muanza Camp logistically we can offer our clients all the species available within the central region of Mozambique within a 4 hour drive of each other eliminating the cost for expensive charter flights.

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