Jannie and Anri Spangenberg

Jannie was born in Mariental, Namibia in 1972. While growing up on his father's ranch, he went to school in Mariental and finished in 1991. In 1999 he acquired Gras Hunting Ranch. He qualified as a professional hunter in 2001.

Jannie is the 'head man' at Gras and will do all he can to ensure your hunting safari is enjoyable and successful. Having gained vast hunting experience under the guidance of his father from an early age, he has obtained a wealth of knowledge, which he is only too happy to share with guests at the ranch.

Jannie married Anri, who comes from the east of Namibia, in 2000. After Anri completed her school education in 1994, she did a BCom degree in Informatics in South Africa. She then spent one year in Europe as an au pair. She shares a love of nature and the African bush with her husband and supports him in his love for hunting. This makes them a formidable team. She organises the administrative office at Gras and plays an instrumental role in the logistical planning and running of the ranch. She also organises any additional activities for hunters, partners and family members during their stay at Gras.

Jannie and Anri have two children: a boy, Gerrit, who was born in 2002 and a girl, Anja, who was born in 2004.

Bollie and Melanie Liebenberg

Bollie, whose real name is Johannes Jacobus, was born in Mariental, Namibia in 1976. From an early age, his passion for animals and the bush was apparent. He hunted from a very young age and used to join his father on numerous hunting trips on their ranch. He went to school in Mariental and finished in 1991. Bollie left his father's ranch for Cape Town, South Africa and qualified as a cabinet maker in 2000. His parents sold their ranch and he has been at Gras Hunting Ranch since 2002 doing his own thing. He started as an active member on the hunting side of things in 2009.  He is the ranch foreman at Gras and is a qualified hunting guide. His other interests are reloading, woodwork, fishing and farming.


Bollie married Melanie 2005, who originates from Gobabis. After finishing school in 2003, she qualified as a tourist guide in 2005. At the ranch, Melanie runs the lodge and looks after all the hunters and guests. She is a great cook.  Once you have had one of her meals you will be back! Her other interests are music, gardening, hunting, fishing and swimming.


Bollie and Melanie have two girls.  Mariska, born in 2010 and Elmarie, born in 2011.

Alpheus William Kruger

Alpheus, better known as Bulla was born on 16 February 1989 in Keetmanshoop, Namibia.
His parents immigrated to Botswana in 1993 and he started school 1996 in Ernst Meyer, a primary school in Namibia close to the Botswana border. He finished his school years in Windhoek and went back to Botswana where he started hunting at Frank’s Safari’s. After one year he changed hunting grounds and hunted with Bokomoso Safari’s for 2 years.
In 2010 Bulla was appointed by a South African famer to manage & run the farm he had in Botswana. 2012 was the start of Bulla’s hunting career in Namibia and 1 August 2014 Bulla started hunting with us here on Gras. Bulla adapted quite fast to the way of doing/living here on Gras and are already part of the family. He is not married.

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