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Your final destination will be Windhoek International Airport, located 30 miles (48km) outside of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. Since there are no direct flights from U.S. or England to Namibia, there are two options available: Fly to Namibia via South Africa or fly via a major European city. Air Nambia flies directly to Namibia from Frankfurt, Germany.


All foreigners must be in possession of a passport that will remain valid for at least six months after the intended date of departure from Namibia.


Citizens of America, Canada or EU countries planning to spend no more than 90 days in Namibia will be issued with a visa at the airport upon arrival. Persons possessing passports from other countries may be required to obtain a visa prior to departure.

Baggage Allowance

Airlines departing from the US are more tolerant of excess baggage than airlines departing from Namibia. They are strict about total weight for checked baggage not being more than 44lbs. (20kg).


Transport of Firearms

Airline regulation requires that all firearms be transported in hard cases that are locked. Upon entry into Namibia, an importation of firearms and ammunition form must be filled out with the Customs Authorities and your copy submitted as proof of export upon departure.  To speed up things at the Namibian Customs please fill inthe application for import/export permit.  You may download the form here.


The local currency is the Namibian Dollar, however, the South African Rand, which has the same monetary value is more easily obtainable inside the US and England and is accepted everywhere. Major credit cards are widely accepted. At Gras Hunting Ranch only cash or wire transfers are accepted.


The official language is English, but Afrikaans and German are also widely spoken.


No inoculations are required to enter Namibia. The Northern-most part of Namibia is a malaria area, being particularly prevalent during the spring and summer months of October to April. Malaria does not occur in the Gras region. If you are planning to go north and do decide to use malaria medication, consult your doctor before your departure, as you may need to start the treatment two weeks before it becomes fully effective.


Standard 220/240 volts round three-pin 15 amp outlets are used at Gras. Standard European 220 volts two-pin plugs (as found in France) can be used with an adaptor.


The winter (May to August) temperature may vary between a high of 77 F (25 C) to a possible low of 32 F (0 C), with very low humidity. Normally it is cold in the morning, with clear sunny skies and considerably warmer during the day, with temperature dropping again once the sun sets. In the summer (October to April) the temperature will typically reach 90 F (35 C), although heavy storms are possible, which rarely last long. Sometimes the rain doesn't make it to Namibia at all. So wet weather is nothing we are really too concerned about, And if it does rain you'll get to see Namibia in a completely different and possibly even more exciting light.

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