Gokwe North Hunting Concesstion

Klipkraal Safaris has entered into an Exclusive Marketing Agreement, for the year 2015/6 in the Gokwe North Hunting Concession.
Gokwe North is a CAMPFIRE area, (COMMUNAL AREAS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM FOR INDIGENOUS RESOURCES) which means that the local people that inhabit this area benefit from opportunities generated through funds from Safari Hunting via Safari Operators and Local Rural District Councils.
The Gokwe North area is situated in Northern Central part of Zimbabwe, forming part of the Central Zambezi Valley. The area is bordered by the Omay Hunting area to the North and the Gache Gache Hunting area to the East. To the West, it is bordered by the Binga Hunting area along the Sengwa River and the Chizarira National Park and the Chirisa Safari Area. To the South is the Gokwe South Concession.
The area can be accessed via both Bulawayo and Harare via air charter as there is an airstrip within the concession, and this service can be organized at a client’s request. Prices of air charter companies will be provided. There is also road transfer of roughly 6 hours from Bulawayo at no charge.
The Safaris camp is situated on the banks of the UMI River which drains into Lake Kariba. The camp is fully serviced with comfortable fixed structures both hot and cold running water.
With regards to wildlife, both buffalo and elephant are resident within the hunting area. Buffalo can be found both in herds and resident Dagga boys. Trophies expected can be hard headed from mid thirties upwards. Elephant hunts in these areas for trophy bulls will produce ivory from around 30-35 pounds per side upwards; tuskless elephant hunting is very good in this area. Both species can be physically demanding due to the terrain and a decent amount of walking on tracks will be required.
Leopard hunting is good as it is legal to hunt leopard at night with an artificial light. Preferred hunting method is bait blind.
Plainsgame is in decent numbers along the UMI River, with good trophies of Bushbuck, Kudu, Impala and Warthog. In the outlying rocky terrain, there is some fantastic Klipspringer hunting.
At Gokwe, we have the unique opportunity of being able to offer very good hippo and crocodile hunting in the adjacent Binga Concession. The reason for this quality is it has access to Lake Kariba shoreline. This is done by a simple 2-hour drive from the Gokwe Base camp down to the lake.     

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