Frequently Asked Questions

What guns, ammo and rifle accessories do I need to bring?

How much ammo am I allowed to bring?

What sights and/or optics do you recommend?

What important information do I need to know and what documentation is required, in order to bring my firearms into the country?

What are Zimbabwe's entry regulations?

What style of hunting can I expect?

What kind of physical activity can I expect while hunting with Klipkraal Safaris?

How large is the hunting concession and will it be 'fair chase' hunting conditions?

Does Klipkraal Travel & Safaris offer wing shooting?

How is the accommodation at your camp?

You mention 'top class meals'. Really?

What weather can I expect?

What clothing and gear should I bring?

How can I prepare for the best hunt possible?

What health issues are there for travellers?

Should I get special trip insurance?

What arrangements can I make in case I require medical evacuation?

Which airlines do you recommend to Zimbabwe?

What shall I do with my trophies?

How do I book with Klipkraal Travel & Safaris?

What about gratuities?

I need information on any other tours that you do.

Do you belong to any association?

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