Terms & Conditions

Daily Rates

A 50% deposit is required immediately to schedule confirmed hunting dates and the priority animals for which a safari is booked.
The final balance of the daily fees is due 60 days priop to the commence of the safari.
All payments to be paid to Klipkraal Safaris & Associates. Failure to make timely payments could result in loss of dates and deposited funds.


Trophy Fees and Government Levies

All trophy fees and Government levies are to be paid in full at the end of the safari prior to the client’s departure.

Anticipated Trophy Fees and Government Levies can be wired to Klipkraal Travel & Safaris account in Zimbabwe prior to the hunts commencement. In the case of this option, this should be done no later than 14 days before the client’s arrival and upon the clients arrival a full accounting will be presented to the client or alternatively the Trophy Fees and Government Levies can be paid in cash upon the completion of the safari. If the option of cash payment is chosen by the client to settle the trophy fees and Government Levies, than the clients MUST ensure that they are in possession of the correct amount of cash to account for their anticipated trophy fees and Government levies.   
If an animal is wounded and blood is found it would be deemed bought and taken.


Hunting Terms of Animals

All animals are hunted in a free-range hunting area. This means that all animals are free to roam and thus we cannot accept any liability if a client does not harvest their trophies.

Cancellation Policy

Any intention to cancel a safari must be in writing to Zingela Safaris or Klipkraal Travel and Safaris.
Any safari cancellation that is prior to the year of the said safaris commencement a refund of unspecified amount may be considered.  
Safaris cancelled, within the same year of the scheduled booked dates, no refund shall be given unless we can re-book the same safari during the same year, and then a refund of unspecified amount might be available. However, if the same safari can be re-booked for the original client and for the same price in the original scheduled year, then the monies alternatively shall be carried forward to this new safari with a 15% handling fee.
The original safari can also be surrendered to another person, at the original client’s written request and under cooperative agreement with the Professional Hunter, Safari Concessions Operator and all Agents involved. In this case, a 100% credit will be given to the new hunter.



All prices are quoted in USD$
Daily Rate Payments are to be done through wire transfer.
Trophy Fees and Government Levy payments must be paid prior to client’s departure of the safari in order to pay over to the appropriate authorities within the stipulated time, which is 7 days after the completion of the safari.



Please note all prices are subject to change, however where possible due notice will be given. In the unforeseeable event that prices need to be adjusted, a full accounting will be offered.



Whilst all care is taken to ensure the safety and well-being of the client, it must be noted that all safari activity involves potential risk of injury, damage and loss. Klipkraal Travel & Safari & Associates and any associated persons cannot be held responsible for any illness, loss or injury or any damages incurred as a result of any adventure we offer. You may download the Indemnity Form here. We recommend that all clients take out their own personal Insurance to cover injury, damages and loss. Klipkraal Travel & Safari & Associates will not put any client’s lives in danger whilst on safari, thus if there is some sort of political uprising and hunting may not continue then and only then shall we consider a refund. However, if hunting continues without any disruption and if any foreign affairs departments advise that people should not go as the US has done then we will not be prepared to refund.

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